Why Run?

Two Red waves hit Missouri politics in 2016 and 2018. With majorities in both houses of Congress and a Republican governor, we have a strong hold here in the heart of the country. With that power comes responsibility. We must first hold a victorious Republican party accountable to our conservative tradition. We also have an opportunity to cast vision and show the nation what conservative government can be. In order to accomplish this, we will need to know more than the what and how of conservatism. We will need the why of conservatism. 


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First and foremost, I could use your prayer, especially that I might remain in His teaching and keep my heart and campaign oriented around Him.


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This can be as simple as encouraging a friend to, "vote Bishop," putting a sign out in your yard, or as involved as knocking on doors. We'd love to have you on the team.


From a practical standpoint, fundraising is a vital part of the campaign. Any amount given will be stewarded well. If you are able to donate, I would truly be humbled. 

Before asking "what are the issues" in terms of solutions, we need to ask "what are the issues" in terms of problems. We all know and feel that our communities have eroded. Words like "anxious," "isolated," "dislocated," "unfulfilled," and "depressed," have become common adjectives for our lives. Suicide rates have gone up 33% in the last 20 years--mostly among teens and young adults. But why? Aren't we freer than ever before? I'm even free to change my gender if I so choose. Perhaps we have valued freedom to the detriment of virtue. Perhaps we have forfeited our responsibilities for comfortabilities. Perhaps an overzealous state has taken up tasks that once belonged to intermediary institutions which stood between an individual and his government. And perhaps those institutions--families, churches, schools, small businesses--give more meaning to an individual than freedom alone can.


Unfortunately, a large portion of our nation believes half these institutions (like families and churches) are merely oppressive regimes that need dismantling. And it's believed the other half (schools and small business) need the all-knowing bureaucrats of Washington, D.C. to restrict and regulate.


The reality is we are anxious, isolated, unfulfilled, because these institutions have been demeaned. The reality is our communities are eroding because our governments are encroaching.


Now that the stage has been set, the platform I stand on is this: finding ways for our government to create space that encourages the growth of these four institutions: family, churches, schools, and small business. Click "Read More" to be taken to more specific proposals on how I see this being accomplished. 

Republic, MO, USA


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