Why Give?

It's a good question. Hopefully, I have a good answer. And I want to say something more than "every campaign needs money." This is true, but here are three other reasons you might consider giving:

1) Money is an expression of time. If you were hoping to volunteer, but your schedule doesn't seem to allow it, please consider donating. In fact, aside from the time you'll take out of your day on August 4th, 2020 to (hopefully) vote for me , I'd say your financial support goes further than your time.


2) Your donation creates an incentive for you to vote. Due to the busyness of our schedules, it's easy to miss out on voting day, but if you give, you've got "some skin in the game," making it more likely you'll actually vote.

3) Americans have been supporting candidates with not only their votes, but also their pocketbooks for centuries. Giving our hard-earned wages to a campaign is a gesture of faith and investment in our political process. By giving you are joining in on an American tradition that goes back to the beginning. 

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